Protecting Your Privacy


We at EGOTX.COM are 100% committed to privacy and security of all our customers and visitors to our site. Our team members themselves are the customers of both internet sites and EGOTX.COM. Therefore, we completely respect the privacy of all our users. In case of any question on the steps we take to protect your privacy and safety, you can drop us an email at [email protected]

EGOTX.COM is the company that is responsible for all your privacy and data controller. 


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How we use your information

Your information is used by us in different ways. The usage differs depending on the data that we have acquired. We have listed the table below to show what and why we do what we do with your information.

The following table will talk about your personal details such as your gender, date of birth , name , email address , phone number , social media address and screen name.


What do

Why do it

Why need to do it (the legal stuff!)

Whenever you try to contact us or visit our website, we identify you.

We can you’re your information and data safe from fraudsters by identifying you.

We are legally bound to do this and it’s important for us.

All the purchases your have made are delivered to you by us.

We need your contact details and your name to deliver your purchases to you.

This is an essentially segment of the commitment made by us to you.

We send you service and account updates. These include terms and condition confirmation.

It helps you to keep updated with any alterations in the services provided by EGOTX.COM.

Again we are legally bound to do this and it’s an important part of our commitment to you. Also it is important for us to keep you updated with any changes in our policies.

We use email, text or notifications through our app to update you about your orders.

It helps you in identifying the arrival of your order.

This particular action is a vital part of our contract bond to you.

We manage your involvement in any offers, discount schemes or promotions that you select to associate with.

It helps us in securing all the relevant offers and discounts for you such as students’ discount.

It will be treated as a important part of your contract allegiance by us if you wish to partake in discount or offer.

We guide you through the appropriate part of our website.

It helps you in selecting and identifying your desired product faster.

This will help us in ensuring the right shopping experience for you on EGOTX.COM.

We convey information about our services and products to you.

We do this to help you in experiencing the best possible experience of our services and products. It also helps you in being up to date about our products.

You have the power to decide what you want to be hearing about our products and about us. However, it’s important for us to keep you informed about all our services and products to give you a seamless experience.


Your body shape and size, if would like to share this information with us:

What do

Why do it

Why need to do it (the legal stuff!)

Third parties are used by us to make the apt recommendation about several products and to display how the garment fits and to suggest the right size.

We want to provide a seamless experience and want you to fall in love with the product.

It’s important to us that you find the right products for you


Your payment information

We keep your card details or other payment methods that you have chosen for making the payments. However, we don’t keep the security code and any other way in which the payment method can be accessed.

What do

Why do it

Why need to do it (the legal stuff!)

We take payments for your purchase and make refunds in case needed.

Taking payments is an important part of any business.

This is important for us to run our business and is an extremely important part of our contract allegiance to you.

We keep a record of all the financial transactions made between you and us.

This is needed to maintain our books and to identify how much income we have generated. It also helps us in identifying what you have bought.

We are legally bound to do this.


Your contact history with us

We story all the communication that has happened between us. This includes all the emails that have been exchanged along by messages exchanged on Social Media, Instant Chat amongst other method of communication.

What we do

Why we do it

Why we need to do it (the legal stuff!)

We provide customer support and service.

This customer support and service is needed to provide the best experience to you.

Providing customer support  and service is an important part of our customer commitment and is important for us to provide you with a great experience.

We try to enhance the customer support and services provided by us to you. 

This helps us in providing the best available customer support to our customer.

It helps us in training our staff for better output with customers.


Purchase history and saved items

We keep a track of your purchase history with us. Along with this we also save information of what you have searched with us including whenever you have used our style match feature. We also save the items that you have saved or added in the board for later or whenever you have asked us to notify you when a product is back in stock.

What we do

Why we do it

Why we need to do it (the legal stuff!)

We try to assist you in keeping imprint of the items liked by you. We also update you in case of a new availability and allow you to share it in your way.

This practice by us helps you in finding your liked product at a much faster pace and allows you to reach to your desired results and to your account.

You have the choice whether to utilize these services or not but we would be glad to assist you in finding all the good stuff.

We provide you the best customer service and support and handle your returns according to our terms and conditions.

This is important for us to provide you the best service which you expect from us and refunding your payments is important for us in fulfilling your expectations in case we have failed to deliver your desired product.

This is an important segment of our legal bond with you.

We analyse what you have bought or searched for as it allows us to understand your preferences.

We store the photo we have shown you in your search results for Style Match for one month and keep it separated from anything that identifies you.

We do this provide you with what you want and to give you the best service that we can. It also helps us in maintaining a lead against our market competitors.

Knowing your likes, dislikes and other preferences in a important part of our business.

We see affiliate links and match your preferences with them to see if one of them might have introduced you to EGOTX.COM on visiting their websites. We share your purchase history which is relevant to them to make them understand that they have made a successful introduction.

Our have a list of influencers known as “introducers” who direct a bunch of new customers to our website through their sites.

To maintain a successful business it is important for us to generate new customers through different methods.


Information about your phone or laptop, and how you use our website and app

We collect information about your device type, IP address, your usage of our website and app( this includes the pages you visit or the items you look on our website) when you browse our site or our app. We can also save your location data if you chose to share it with us. 

What we do

Why we do it

Why we need to do it (the legal stuff!)

Whenever you visit our website we identify you.

We can give you the best shopping experience if we can remember you from you past visits.

We aim to give you the best shopping experience and it is important for us to provide you a seamless experience.

We improve the experience for you when you visit our website and set the appropriate options for you such as the apt currency and language.

It will be much easier for both you and us if we know your preferred language and currency. It also helps us in safeguarding your identity. information

It is vital for us to know your preferences to give you the best shopping experience.

We send notifications about our services and products to you.

It is important for us to keep you up to day about out products and help you in finding the best product you like. You can find more about this particular point in the marketing messages segment.

To provide you the best shopping experience at it is extremely important for us display things that we think might suit your preference.

We show you advert of when you browse on the web.

This allows us to display the latest products and deals we have to offer.

It is crucial for us to display things in front of you which we believe you might like.

We analyse and monitor the behavior of all the visitors to our site.

We follow this procedure to safeguard our website and to improve our services. To protect our website and to help make our service better

We are legally liable to do this and it holds utmost importance for us.


Information from Social Media or accounts you link to us

We will save your social media handles with us if you chose to link your social or third party accounts with us. We will import all the data from your social media handles that is made available to us by your settings in Social Media accounts.

What we do

Why we do it

Why we need to do it (the legal stuff!)

For simplification of login and creating an account we allow you to link your social media accounts to This creates your profile on our website with ease.

We do it to make the usage of an easier prospect for you and to simplify the purchase of items that you want to buy.

It is vital for us to simplify your shopping experience with us.

We do a thorough analysis to understand your preference and what might make you share your likes with your friends.

It assists us in manking recommendations to you and to invite you in surveys and other schemes that might be rewarding.

We need to know your likes and dislikes to provide you with the best shopping experience.

We provide several product suggestions to you.

It helps you in identifying the things which might attract you.

For a better shopping experience with us, it is important that we show you the things that you might like.


If you post comments about EGOTX.COM, tag EGOTX.COM or post photos to our Social Media pages

What we do

Why we do it

Why we need to do it (the legal stuff!)

We analyze your comments to monitor your opinions and views.

We care for your opinions and overall experience especially if you are not pleased with our products. Hence we might respond to you to understand the issue.

We do this to understand what your thoughts are about us.

We use information from public sources to investigate about any fraudulent activity.

It helps us in detecting and protecting you against any frauds. It also helps us in protecting ourselves against the same. Though unfortunate but is absolutely necessary for safety.

This practice is important for us to protect you and us from any kind of unsafe activities and to put an end to the activity.


Other identifiable information

What we do

Why we do it

Why we need to do it (the legal stuff!)

After you shop with us for the first time, we allot you with a unique identity number known as your customer ID.

This practice allows us to identify you every time you visit us.

It’s an important part of our allegiance to you.

We save your identity proof with us.

Om some occasions we need to verify your identity. We follow this practice to verify whenever you have placed an order or to confirm if you are a student.

It’s an important part of our contract commitment to you


You may choose not to give us all your personal information. However, under such a scenario you fail to buy from the website or might miss the overall experience designed for optimum usage. Though, providing us with your data is your choice and we respect your choice.

We aggregate and anonymise your personal information so that your identity remains hidden and use it for purposes including testing our IT Systems, data analysis and research. We also use this data to improve our app and website and in developing new services and products.


Fraud prevention and detection

Detecting and preventing fraud is unfortunate but is very necessary to provide a seamless experience to all our customers. We use any of the above mentioned categories of information to identify you and do stop fraud or any other illegal activity against you or against We are legally bound to do this and it’s very important for us to provide you a worthy experience.

Purchase history date is also used by us to maintain our terms and conditions and to protect our services as segment of our contract commitment to our customers. We might take a computer-system based decision as a part of this to safeguard our services. Your rights in this regard are mentioned below. 

Personalising your EGOTX.COM experience

To provide you with the best shopping experience and to display the best collection of products including the latest and greatest products of we collect your data. This personal data allows us in providing you with what we believe are the best services.

Any significant changes made by us will be notified to you either on the website and any other communication channel used by This will allow you to review the changes before you continue to use


Sharing your information


All your personal information such as your name, address, email address or any payment information will be safe with us, and we do not intend to sell it to any third party. We want to be the owner of your utmost trust and want to maintain your faith in us and believe that this step is necessary to achieve our aim. 


Though, to provide seamless services to you, we share your data with some companies who fall in the following categories: 

However, we share your data with the following categories of companies as an essential part of being able to provide our services to you:


  • Different bits of our group are sometimes responsible for other activities of These companies might have your information. 
  • All the companies that are part of the operations in making your order reach you, such as payment services, warehouses, delivery companies and order packers. 
  • Marketing agencies, advertising partners, websites hosts and other professional service providers who make it possible for us to run our business. 
  • Your details are also shared with our affiliates who help us in promoting our business on their websites and making us reach to new potential customers. 
  • Law enforcement, fraud prevention and credit reference agencies which help us in addressing fraud. 


If you chose to take advantage of the additional services offered by us then depending on different case we may share your information with the bunch of companies who fall under the following categories: 


  • For example, if you chose to link your account to us, then Social Media Sites and other websites approved by you. 
  • To help you in selecting the right product, product fit, and fit advisors might get access to your information.  
  • Sellers from Marketplace where you place an order.
  • Third-party payment providers whenever you chose to use their payment services.

In case you would like to gather more information on the third parties which might access your information, you can contact us. 

Sharing your information

Aggregated data or unclaimed data about our customers might also be provided to third parties. We will make sure that it doesn't identify you before providing any such data. 


Marketing messages


We will send you marketing messages after taking prior permission from you. This practice is followed to keep you updated about our latest endeavours and to help you in finding our services and products. 


How to stop marketing messages from EGOTX.COM


All the marketing communications from EGOTX.COM can be controlled by you by using the contact preference section of the website. Following options are available to you: 


  • E-mails: If you want to stop receiving e-mails from us, you can simply choose the unsubscribe button in any e-mail you receive as a part of marketing communication. The action will take you to the contact preference segment of your account. You can unsubscribe to e-mail as a method of communication. 
  • Text Messages: Text Messages can be stopped by SMSing "stop" to the number available inside the marketing text you receive. The action will unsubscribe you from text messages as a mode of marketing messages.  
  • Any method of Marketing: Another method to unsubscribe from the marketing messages is to contact the customer care team. We will update our records after to action to ensure that you don't receive any more messages related to marketing from our end. 

Our systems update in a few days. Hence it might take us a few days to stop sending marketing messages from our end. Hence, patience is requested from your end while we complete the process and fulfil your request. 


Service communication such as 'back in stock' notification wherever requested or order updates will not stop even after you chose not to receive the marketing messages. 






How to Stop marketing messages from EGOTX Marketplace


We have a separate system for marketing preference for our marketplace than main EGOTX.COM website and apps. All the customers who use the marketplace have an option to receive communication-related to marketing and/or selected third parties. 


If for some reason you don't want to receive communications related to marketplace marketing communications, then you can opt-out using a simple way. Just go to My Marketplace > My Details in the website, or you can opt-out using unsubscribe option in any of the emails received through marketplace communications.


Seeing adverts for EGOTX.COM online

We at EGOTX.COM use online advertising to assist you in exploring our products and to keep you a glimpse of our progress.


You may come across our ads and banners when you are on other apps or websites, such as several social media platforms. It is managed by us through the use of several ad exchanges and digital marketing networks. Additionally, we also use a wide range of technologies that assist us in advertising.


These ads and banners are based on the information collected by us through your previous use of EGOTX.COM. Your search history with us and the articles read by you on EGOTX.COM help us to identify your interests. We also use the data where you clicked on a previous banner or ad by EGOTX.COM.


You can read our cookie notice for more information on our advertising technologies and cookies. 


Your information and countries outside Europe


We are a global business and have operationsinside and outside of United Kingdom. EGOTX.COM uses fulfillment centers nd suppliers from across the globe.  A few of these will not have the same level of security of personal data as present in United Kingdon and European Union. However, if are transferring your data to one of these location we will take the right steps to ensure relevant data protection laws are being followed to safeguard your rights and data. Do contact us for any further clarifications on the steps we take to protect your data in such scenarios.

Keeping your information


Your information will stay with us as long as you are a customer with EGOTX.COM or as long as we are required to keep the information to ensure we are fulfilling our legal liabilities.


You can contact our customer care to close your account if you want to stop being our customer. Though, we are required to keep some of your data even after your account is closed to fulfil our legal accountability.  Only the data that is necessary and is the bare minimum for us to meet of requirements of legal or regulatory purposes will stay with us.  We keep this data with us to prevent frauds, resolve disputes or enforce our Terms and Conditions.

Your rights


Your personal information belongs to you. Hence you reserve several rights regarding the same. The rights are: 


  • You have the right to know the usage of your personal information. (Like this section)
  • You have the right to ingress your information that we have.  
  • You hold the right to request to change the inaccurate data that we have. (You can do most of it My Account section of the website) 
  • You can request us to delete your data. You can also ask us to stop collecting or processing your data in some cases. 
  • You hold the right to discontinue marketing messages. The action can also be performed through My Account. 
  • You can withdraw your consent to any processing which requires your approval at any stage.  
  • You can request us to transfer or port parts of your data either to another service provider or to you. 
  • You can ask for an explanation about any decision which is made about you by a computer system. 
  • You reserve the right to complain to your data protection regulator, in the Information Commissioner's Office, in the UK. 

In case of a complaint or if you willing to exercise any your rights, please contact us. We have to respond to you in 30 days as a starting point. We have provided our contact details at the end of this Policy. 



Changes to how we Protect Your Privacy


This page might overgo changes from time to time. It will exhibit the processing of your data by EGOTX.COM. 


Any significant changes will be made clear on our website or other EGOTX.COm service by varying means of communication such as email. It will help you to review the changes for continuous usage of EGOTX.COM



EGOTX.COM use cookies. You can see our cookie notice for ore information on the subject.

How to contact us


We want to provide a seamless experience to our users and are always up for constructive criticism. We would love to hear your experience especially if you feel that we have let you down or could better the user experience. Write to us in case of:

·        If you have any feedback or question about this notice.

·        If you want to prohibit us from using your details.

·        If you want to have a complaint or want to exercise any of your rights mentioned above.

We encourage you to contact our customer care team, who would be more than happy to walk through your queries.

You can reach our customer care through Customer Care via our website EGOTX.COM or by dropping us  a mail at [email protected]. You can also write to us at EGOTX.COM/


Reporting A Security Vulnerability



We are very particular about our security despite our creative approach in our designs. Do inform us in you come across any discrepancies with our tech. Please write to us on [email protected] along with your details such as contact details and company name. Also, inform us about the details of unguarded tech and steps to validate it. 

We anticipate security researchers to circumvent privacy violations and not corrupt or destroy our precious data. We expect them not to degrade or interrupt our service. Only reports that have been encrypted using PGP public keys will be read. Therefore, make sure to download the PGP key of EGOTX.COM.

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